The New Global Standard in Wireless Charging

Qi2 is the new enhanced wireless charging standard being developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile will provide an improved wireless charging user experience and pave the way for future features and enhancements. 

Qi2 is Simpler

Currently, some devices are Qi Certified and some are not. In addition, non-certified devices that may work with Qi don’t charge as fast as they could. Qi2 will unify the industry under one global standard, resolving any confusion and simplifying the category for consumers and retailers alike. 

Qi2 is More
Efficient and Faster

Thanks to the Magnetic Power Profile technology, Qi2 ensures devices and chargers align perfectly, improving energy efficiency. More efficient charging also means faster charging because energy is not lost in the charging process.

Qi2 is Future Enhancing

Qi2 will enable development of faster wireless charging while ensuring the process remains safe, won’t shorten battery life and won’t damage the receiver. Qi2 will enable new product innovation in other ways, too. The magnetic locking feature will support new product form factors, like an AR/VR headset. It will also support new types of accessories that magnetically attach to the back of the phone, like an extra battery.

Qi2 is More Sustainable

Charging cords tend to wear out due to the mechanical stress of daily plugging and unplugging, ending up as waste in landfills. Wireless chargers eliminate that mechanical stress and don’t wear out, reducing needless waste.

The Importance of Qi2 Certification

Qi Certification is, and always has been, the consumer’s assurance of safety, interoperability and energy efficiency in wireless charging, and that will not change with Qi2. Our global network of independent, authorized test labs will continue to conduct rigorous testing of specific properties, all to provide a consistent, seamless user experience. A Qi or Qi2 device connected to a Qi or Qi2 charger will simply work.

Want to Know More About Qi2?

If you have any questions about the upcoming Qi2 wireless charging standard, just ask.